The Southern Shark Ecology Group (SSEG) at Flinders University and SARDI Aquatic Sciences is dedicated to conducting research that directly supports the conservation and management of elasmobranch populations and their ecosystems in the Indo-Pacific and Southern Ocean regions. We currently have research projects that focus on aspects of the ecology, physiology and biology of a range of highly migratory, neritic and coastal shark species whose populations are currently being assessed in terms of their risks of overexploitation and/or extinction. Another key focus of our lab group is to improve the public perception and general understanding of our unique coastal and pelagic shark and ray fauna through media, education, and community outreach. We also place a high value on collaboration with other researchers, and in our relationships with the people who share and work in the environments of these awesome animals.

Zura the Mako Shark

Zura the Mako Shark

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